Send us your cylinder. Please include a daytime phone number, and any other necessary contact information (fax #, etc). We will measure it and fit the next oversize new Piston Kit and will complete the work and return ship the cylinder and PISTON kit ( Piston & Rings, Pin & Clips ) back to you within 4-6 business days.

We will bore and hone the cylinder, chamfer the ports, check / adjust the ring end gap and install the rings on the piston. The cylinder is solvent rinsed and the bore oiled, it is up to you to do the final cleaning.

Please send ONLY the cylinder. Remove the exhaust stub, intake boot and reed cage, and any gaskets and excess grime. You do not have to remove the studs, BUT we are not responsible for any that are damaged if we need to remove them.

If we can not save the cylinder, we will contact you with the option of either returning it with a full refund and free shipping, substituting a different brand of piston with a larger oversize if available, or installing a sleeve at additional cost.

Any questions call 1 800 897-7788. Canadian callers call  (585) 352 9505 ex.13

Will accept MasterCard / Visa @ 1 800 897-7788 / (585) 352 9505 ex.13

New York state residents will be invoiced sales tax for their locality. (Sorry, we don't make the laws)


SHIPPING ADDRESS:  Precision Power Services      5121 West Ridge Road      Spencerport, NY 14559