400cc and 500cc UTV
Engine Oil and Filter Change
Recommended Engine Oil:
PS-4 PLUS 2W-50 Synthetic
4-Cycle Engine Oil
(PN 2876244) (Quart)
1. Place vehicle on a level surface and allow the engine
to run for two to three minutes until warm. Stop
2. Clean the area around drain plug at the bottom of oil
Personal injury can occur when handling used
oil. Hot oil can cause burns or skin damage.
3. Place a drain pan beneath oil tank and remove drain
4. Allow oil to drain completely.
5. Replace sealing washer on the drain plug.
NOTE: The sealing surfaces on drain plug and oil
tank should be clean and free of burrs, nicks or
6. Reinstall the drain plug and torque to 14 ft. Ibs. (19
Oil Tank Drain Plug: 14 ft. Ibs. (19 Nm)
7. Loosen the clamp at the screen fitting.
8. Remove the oil hose from the screen fitting at the
bottom of the oil tank.
Remove screen fitting and clean the screen
10. Apply Loctite™ 565 Thread Sealant (PN 2871956) to
the clean and oil free threads of the fitting.
11. Install screen fitting and rotate a minimum of 2 1/2
turns (clockwise) into the tank threads. Then rotate
the screen fitting clockwise until the nipple of the
screen fitting aligns with the marking on the tank.
NOTE: Do not overtighten screen fitting, damage to
fitting / tank can occur.
Oil Tank Screen Fitting:
25 ft. Ibs. (34 Nm); See step 11
12. Install the oil hose on the screen fitting and install the
13. Place shop towels beneath oil filter. Using an Oil Filter
Wrench (PV-43527), turn filter counterclockwise to
Oil Filter Wrench: PV-43527
14. Using a clean, dry cloth, clean filter sealing surface on
15. Check to make sure the O-ring on the new oil filter is
in good condition. Lubricate O-ring on new filter with
a film of clean engine oil.
16. Install new oil filter and turn by hand until filter gasket
contacts the sealing surface, then turn and additional
1/2-3/4 turn.
Oil Filter Torque:
Turn by hand until filter gasket contacts sealing
surface, then turn an additional 1/2 - 3/4 turn.
17. Remove dipstick and fill oil tank with 2 quarts (1.9 I)
of Polaris PS-4 PLUS 2W-50 Synthetic 4-Cycle
Engine Oil (PN 2876244).
18. Place gear selector in neutral and set parking brake.
19. Prime oil pump using the "Oil Pump Priming
Procedure". Stop the engine and inspect for leaks.
20. Re-check the oil level on the dipstick and add oil as
necessary to bring the level to the upper mark on the
21. Dispose of used oil and oil filter properly.
Oil Pump Priming Procedure
NOTE: This priming procedure must be performed
whenever the oil hose connection between the oil
tank and pump inlet has been disconnected.
1. Clamp or pinch off vent hose approximately 2" from
oil tank to avoid the end of oil tank vent fitting, and
before the vent line's pressure relief slit
Run engine for 10-20 seconds.
3. Remove the clamp from the vent hose. The oil pump
will now be properly primed and ready for field
NOTE: If the system is primed properly you should
hear some air release. If you do not, the system has
not primed. Repeat the process if necessary.
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