Outlaw 450-525cc
Engine Oil Level
Check the oil level before each use of the ATV. If the engine is
cold, the oil level should be visible at the lower edge of the sight
glass. If the engine is warm, the oil level should be visible in the
middle of the sight glass.
Position the ATV on a level surface.
View the oil level through the sight glass on the right side
of the ATV.
NOTE: It is very important to maintain the proper
engine oil level. High oil levels can cause excessive
engine operating temperatures, which may lead to
engine overheating. Engine damage may result.
Remove the fill plug and add the recommended oil as
Reinstall the fill plug.
Engine Oil and Filter Service
IMPORTANT: Polaris PS-4 Plus (2W-50 Synthetic)
engine oil is recommended for use in the KTM engine.
This engine oil was specifically designed for the KTM
engine and clutching system. Other oils do not
contain the needed additives to prolong engine life
and provide proper lubrication to the KTM clutch and
transmission components.
Mixing brands or using a non-recommended oil
may cause serious engine damage. Always use
the recommended engine oil. Never mix brands.
IMPORTANT: Always change both oil filters and clean
both oil screens whenever changing oil.
Position the ATV on a level surface.
Start the engine. Allow it to idle for two to three minutes
until warm, then stop the engine.
Clean the area around the crankcase drain plug with clean
shop towels.
Hot oil can cause serious burns to the skin.
Do not allow hot oil to contact skin.
Place a drain pan beneath the crankcase and remove the
drain plug.
Allow the oil to drain completely.
Clean the crankcase sealing surface and the drain plug (with
magnet) thoroughly.
NOTE: The sealing surface on the drain plug and
crankcase should be clean and free of burrs, nicks
or scratches.
Replace the sealing ring and reinstall the drain plug. Torque
to 15 ft. Ibs. (20 Nm).
Cleaning the Short Oil Screen
Strike the head of the oil screen plug with a suitable hammer
before you attempt to remove it. This "shocks" the threads
of the plug and makes it easier to remove.
Remove the plug at the bottom of the engine. See
illustration below:
10. Remove the short oil screen. Clean the screen thoroughly
and blow clean with low pressure, compressed air.
11. Check the O-rings. If damaged, install new O-rings.
12. Reinstall the screen to the plug.
13. Lubricate the threads and reinstall the plug. Torque to 7.5
ft. Ibs. (10 Nm).
Cleaning the Long Oil Screen
14. Remove the long screen plug, located on the left side of the
engine near the engine serial number.
15. Remove the oil screen. Clean the screen thoroughly and
blow clean with low pressure compressed air.
16. Check the O-rings. If damaged, install new O-rings.
17. Place the long oil screen on a pin-type wrench or long
screwdriver of about 12 inches (300 mm) in length.
NOTE: The large opening of the oil screen should
face in towards the inner case.
18. Insert the tool through the opening and into the bore of the
opposite engine casing wall. Push the oil screen into the
casing as far as possible. Remove the tool.
The oil screen is mounted slightly downward in
the crankcase. If installed incorrectly, the screen
will not function properly and can lead to
increased engine wear.
19. Reinstall the plug. Torque to 11 ft. Ibs. (15 Nm).
Changing Oil Filters
20. Place a drain pan under the engine.
21. Remove the (4) oil filter screws and remove the covers.
22. Using a circlip or snap ring pliers, pull the oil filter inserts
out of the engine case.
23. Thoroughly clean the engine casing, filter covers and
O-ring sealing surfaces. Replace the filter cover O-rings.
24. Soak new oil filters in fresh engine oil before installation.
25. Install new oil filters. Insert the long oil filter in the front
and the short oil filter in the rear of the housing.
26. Lubricate the filter cover O-rings with engine oil and install
both covers. Torque to cover screws to 54 in. Ibs. (6 Nm).
27. Remove the fill plug and add 1.7 quarts (1.6 liters) of the
recommended engine oil. Reinstall the fill plug.
Polaris PS-4 Plus 2W-50 Synthetic Engine Oil
1.7 Qts (1.6 Liters)
28. Start the engine and allow it to idle for at least one minute
to fully distribute the new oil. Stop the engine.
29. Check for leaks at all threaded connections and at the oil
filter covers.
30. View the oil level in the sight glass. Correct the oil level
if necessary.
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