Engine Oil Level
Polaris recommends the use of Polaris PS-4 Plus
synthetic engine oil. Oil may need to be changed more
frequently if Polaris engine oil is not used.
Mixing brands or using a non-recommended
engine oil may cause serious engine damage.
Always use the recommended engine oil. Never
substitute or mix engine oil brands.
1. Locate engine oil dipstick on the left side of the ATV.
2. Position the ATV on a level surface.
3. Stop engine and remove the dipstick. Wipe it dry with
a clean cloth.
4. Reinstall and tighten the dipstick.
NOTE: The dipstick must be screwed in completely
to ensure an accurate measurement.
5. Remove the dipstick and check the oil level.
*** Do not remove with engine running ***
Maintain oil level within range on dipstick
Screw in completely to check level
6. Maintain the oil level in the safe range. Do not overfill.
Engine Oil and Filter Change
Always change engine oil and filter at the intervals outlined
in the Periodic Maintenance Chart. Always change the oil
filter whenever changing the engine oil.
1. Position the ATV on a level surface.
2. Place the transmission in park.
3. Start engine and allow it to run for two to three minutes
until the engine is warm.
4. Stop the engine.
5. Clean the area around the drain plug.
6. Place a drain pan beneath the engine crankcase.
7. Using an 8 mm Hex socket, remove the drain plug and
allow the engine oil to drain completely.
Hot oil can cause serious burns to skin.
Do not allow hot oil to contact skin.
8. Replace the sealing washer on the drain plug.
NOTE: The sealing surfaces on the drain plug and
crankcase should be clean and free of burrs, nicks
or scratches.
9. Reinstall drain plug and torque to 12 ft. Ibs. (16 Nm).
Engine Drain Plug: 12 ft. Ibs. (16 Nm)
10. Locate oil filter through access hole in the skid plate.
Place shop towels beneath the oil filter. Using oil filter
wrench (PV-43527 or PU-50105) turn oil filter
counterclockwise to remove it.
11. Use a clean dry towel to clean the filter sealing surface
on the crankcase.
12. Check to make sure the O-ring on the new oil filter is
in good condition. Lubricate O-ring on new filter with
a film of fresh engine oil.
13. Install new oil filter and turn by hand until filter gasket
contacts the sealing surface, then turn it an additional
1/2 turn.
Oil Filter Torque:
Turn by hand until filter gasket contacts sealing
surface, then turn an additional 1/2 turn.
14. Remove dipstick and fill engine with 2 qts. (1.9 L) of
the recommended engine oil.
Recommended Engine Oil:
PS-4 Plus Synthetic 4-Cycle Engine Oil
(PN 2876244) (Quart) '
15. Start engine and allow it to idle for one to two minutes.
16. Stop engine and check for leaks.
17. Re-check the oil level on the dipstick and add oil as
necessary to bring the level to the upper mark on the
18. Dispose of used oil and filter properly.
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