Polaris 800cc Ranger
Engine Oil Level
The twin cylinder domestic engine is a wet-sump engine,
meaning the oil is contained in the bottom of the
crankcase. To check the oil level follow the procedure
listed below:
1. Set machine on a level surface and set the parking
2. Stop the engine and allow it to cool down before
removing the dipstick.
IMPORTANT: Do not run the machine and then check
the dipstick.
3. Remove the seat base and storage container.
4. Unlock the dipstick lever. Remove dipstick and wipe
dry with a clean cloth.
5. Reinstall dipstick and push it into place. Do not lock
the dipstick.
NOTE: Make certain the dipstick is inserted all the
way into the filler tube to keep the angle and depth of
dipstick consistent. When reinstalling the dipstick,
make certain to seat the lever lock.
6. Remove dipstick and check to see that the oil level is
in the SAFE range. Add oil as indicated by the level
on the dipstick. Do not overfill (see NOTE below!).
Maintain Oil Level In SAFE Range
DO NOT Overfill the Engine
NOTE: Due to the dipstick entry angle into the
crankcase, the oil level will read higher on the
bottom side of the dipstick. Proper level indication is
determined on the upper surface of the dipstick as it
is being removed, regardless of the level marks
being on top or on bottom (see the next illustration).
NOTE: A rising oil level between checks in cool
weather driving can indicate contaminants such as
gas or moisture collecting in the crankcase. If the oil
is over the full mark,
change the oil
7. Reinstall the dipstick and lock the lever.
Engine Oil and Filter Change
Recommended Engine Oil:
PS-4 Plus Synthetic 4-Cycle Engine Oil
(PN 2876244) (Quart) '
Capacity: 2 Quarts (1.9 L)
1. Place vehicle on a level surface and allow the engine
to run for two to three minutes until warm. Stop
2. Clean the area around the drain plug at the bottom of
the crankcase. Drain plug is accessible through the
skid plate.
3. Place a drain pan beneath the crankcase and remove
drain plug. CAUTION: Oil may be hot. Do not allow
hot oil to come into contact with skin as serious burns
may result.
4. Allow oil to drain completely.
5. Replace the sealing washer on the drain plug.
NOTE: The sealing surface on the drain plug should
be clean and free of burrs, nicks or scratches.
6. Reinstall drain plug and torque to specification.
Engine Crankcase Drain Plug:
16 ±2 ft. Ibs. (21.7 ±2.7 Mm)
Remove the lower seat base.
Remove the storage container located under the
driver's side of the seat.
9. Place shop towels beneath oil filter. Using Oil Filter
Wrench (PU-50105), turn the filter counter-clockwise
to remove it.
Oil Filter Wrench:
10. Using a clean, dry cloth, clean filter sealing surface on
11. Lubricate O-ring on new oil filter with a film of fresh
engine oil. Check to make sure the O-ring is in good
12. Install new filter and turn by hand until filter gasket
contacts the sealing surface, then turn an additional
1/2 turn.
Oil Filter Torque:
Turn by hand until filter gasket contacts sealing
surface, then turn an additional 1/2 turn.
13. Remove the dipstick and fill the sump with 2 quarts
(1.9 L) of Polaris PS-4 Plus Synthetic Engine Oil (PN
14. Place gear selector in neutral and set parking brake.
15. Start the engine and let it idle for one to two minutes.
Stop the engine and inspect for leaks.
16. Re-check the oil level on the dipstick and add oil as
necessary to bring the level to the upper mark on the
17. Dispose of used oil and oil filter properly.
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