KIT PN 2873551
All Victory Models
Before you begin, it is very important that you read and understand these instructions. Make sure you follow
them exactly. Make certain all parts and tools are accounted for. Please retain these installation instructions
for future reference and parts ordering information.
Part Description
Part No.
Victory Engine Oil, Qt., Synthetic Blend
2872175 *NOTE: Oil capacity varies by
model. Refer to Owner's Manual or Service Manual for engine oil capacity. Do not over-fill.
Oil Filter (All Models)
Washer, Drain Plug (1999-2000)
O-Ring, Drain Plug (2001-2002)
Washer, Drain Plug (2003-Current)
You will need to supply:
Oil Filter Wrench
14mm Allen Wrench (1999-2001)
Torque Wrench
3/8 Square Drive Breaker Bar or equivalent (2002)
Oil Drain Pan
6mm Allen Wrench (2003-Current)
Shop Cloth
The engine and exhaust system become very hot during operation and remains hot for a period of time
after the engine is shut off. Wear insulated protection for hands and arms or wait until the engine and
exhaust system have cooled before working on the machine.
CARBON MONOXIDE Never run an engine in an enclosed area. Exhaust contains poisonous carbon
monoxide gas that can cause loss of consciousness and may lead to death. If you must run the engine to
do some repairs, do so in an open area or with an exhaust evacuation system connected and functioning
The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other
reproductive harm.
Do not put in any chemical additives. Victory's motorcycle oil has been specifically designed for this
application and any additional additives are not necessary and have not been tested by Victory. Do
not allow foreign material to enter the crankcase.
NOTE: Make certain motorcycle kick stand is stabilized on a flat surface.
IMPORTANT: Perform all items correctly and completely.
1. Warm up the engine for several minutes.
2. Stop the engine. Securely support the machine on its
sidestand. IMPORTANT: Take the proper precautions
so the machine does not tip while working on it. Place an
oil pan under the engine and loosen the oil fill cap /
1999-2001 Models
3. Remove the drain plug (1) and drain the oil.
4. Remove the oil filter (2).
5. Reinstall the drain plug with a new sealing washer or
O-rlng from the kit. Torque drain plug to the
specification listed in the Owner's Manual or Service
6. Apply a light coat of engine oil to the O-ring of the new oil
filter. Make sure the O-ring is seated properly in the
groove on the filter.
Freedom Engine 2002-Current
7. Install filter and tighten it 3/4 of a turn after O-ring
contacts engine case.
8. Remove the fill cap / dipstick and fill the engine with the
amount of oil recommended in the Owner's Manual or
Service Manual and reinstall the dipstick / filler cap.
9. Start the engine and warm it up for several minutes and
check for leaks. If any leaks are found, stop the engine
and determine the source of the problem before starting
the engine again. Contact your Victory dealer if you
cannot determine the source of the leak.
NOTE: After the engine is started, the oil indicator light should
go off. If the indicator light flickers or remains on, immediately
stop the engine and take your motorcycle to a Victory dealer.
10. Stop the engine and inspect oil level (refer to the
Owner's Manual or Service Manual).
11. Install the fill cap / dipstick and tighten securely.
PN 9916735 Rev 03 7/05
Printed in U.S.A.
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